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Zhiyun Crane Version 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras

Zhiyun Crane Version 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras

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Product Description

The Zhiyun-Tech Crane is a 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer offering 360° rotation along all three axes. It offers button-powered, continuous rotation along the pan axis, and manual, non-stop circular rotation along the tilt and roll axes.

The Crane is designed primarily for compact mirrorless cameras weighing up to 2.65 lb, such as the Sony a7S and Panasonic GH4, and includes an attachable lens support for long lenses.



1. Built-in compact slip rings enable the gimbal to have all 3 axis 360 degrees unlimited rotation.

2.The first handheld gimbal with CCI (Camera Control Interface). With CCI, the camera's shutter and focus can be controlled by the buttons on gimbal's handle.

3.Quick, simple and tool-less camera mounting system saves time and effort.

4.The built-in wireless control module can be connected with Zhiyun’s gimbal remote controller or smartphone APP which can also be used for wireless control and firmware upgrade.

5.Innovative battery tray design supports both 18650 or 26650 batteries, provides 6 hours and 12 hours operating time respectively. The 26650 batteries are sold separately.

6.The industry's first to achieve three 32-bit MCUs (Microcontroller Units) running in parallel at 4k hertz. The number is far beyond the reach of any other gimbals.

7. With the automotive grade magnetic encoders attached to each motor, the gimbal can sense every 0.02-degree change intervals.

8. Three control modes give you flexible creativity and endless possibility.

9. Powerful MCUs which support floating point calculation, combined with Zhiyun’s efficient attitude control algorithm and advanced servo control algorithm, the CRANE is able to sense, compute then control the camera to a 0.01-degree accuracy, within 0.25 millisecond.


Battery :

18650 Li-Po battery × 2 000mAh

18650 Li-Po battery charger:

Input voltage 5V 800mA

Output voltage 4.2V 800mA

 Packing Specs:

Item Dim./Weight Remark
Product Dimension 173*188*405mm W*D*H
Package Size 355*310*103mm L*W*H
Carton Size (Dedicated) 580*415*370mm L*W*H
Product Net Weight 950g/Unit  
Gross Weight (including package) 2600g/Unit  
Packing Weight 14kg/Carton 5 Units/Carton


Packing list

Item Qty.
Gimbal Stabilizer 1
Battery Compartment 1
26500 Battery Charger 1
26500 Li-ion Batteries 2
Micro USB Cable 1
Lens Mounting Clamp 1
Lens Mounting Screw 2
User Manual 1
Item Min. Standard Max. Remark
Operation Voltage 6.8V 8.4V 12.6V  
Operation Current 80mA 110mA 6000mA  
Following Deviation in Static State ±0.01°   ±0.03°  
Following Deviation in Motion State ±0.05°   ±0.2°  
Tilt Angle Range   360°   Unlimited Rot.
Roll Angle Range   360°   Unlimited Rot.
Pan Angle Range   360°   Unlimited Rot.
Operation Temperature -10°C 25°C 45°C  
Battery Runtime 12h   18h Balanced center of gravity
Charging Time   3h    
Valid Payload 350g   1800g  
Compatible Cameras  
Mode switch

Pan following mode is the default mode. Single press the Joystick to switch pan following mode and locking mode. Double press the Joystick to enter pan and tilt following mode. Single press the Joystick again to go back to previous mode.

  • Pan and tilt following mode

    Roll axis is locked, tilt and pan axes rotate to follow the gimbal's movement. In this mode, push the joystick left/right to adjust roll angle.

  • Locking mode

    All axes(pan, tile and roll) are locked and the gimbal faces in one direction only. In this mode, push the joystick up/down to adjust tilt angle. Push the joystick left/right to adjust pan angle.

  • Pan following mode

    Pan axis(rotation left and right) following gimbal's movement, while the camera remains locked in tilt(up and down) and roll (level) to remain upright. In this mode, push the joystick up/down to adjust tilt angle.     

1 Year Australian Warranty

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